swinging door fittings overview b.520
  • wooden door leaf at least 40 mm
  • weight of door leaf max. 120 kg
  • material stainless steel
  • surface finish optionally
  • optional for use with BTS/RTS

brushed stainless steel
black matt
high-gloss chrome
brass matt
bronze matt

fitting b.520. for some time now, the architect's motto has been: "reduce to the max." this means reducing all elements to the essential, whenever possible. the objective is usually to create a clear, harmonic appearance. the innovative b.520 swinging door fitting meets this objective perfectly. it is designed for wooden doors with a thickness of at least 40 mm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. the fitting is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and features an offset pivot point that makes it virtually invisible. additionally, the stainless steel door hinges are inconspicuously embedded on the face of the door, thereby leaving the visible door surface undisturbed. owing to the fact that the b.520 goes practically unnoticed, this fitting is suitable for a wide variety of architectural styles. it can, for example, be used in modern buildings or in renovations. the b.520 fitting is compatible with commercial floor or transom closers. these are, however, not included.