• glass door leaf 10 – 12 mm
  • wooden door leaf at least 30 mm
  • weight of door leaf max. 200 kg
  • material aluminum
  • damping mechanism optionally

fitting inline il.10. with delicate, customizable stainless steel accents, our fitting inline il.10, manufactured primarily from aluminum, offers a high level of elegance and clarity thanks to its high-quality workmanship and purist design. the trick: most of the fitting is integrated into the wall (37.5 mm deep, 94 mm high) ensuring that only aluminum and stainless steel surfaces in connection with the sliding door’s glass pane are visible: two cover plates, 45 mm each, plus the 15 mm groove to which a colored background can be added. a wide scope of design options for living areas, cabinetry, office and presentation spaces. il.10 is designed with a highly developed cushioning mechanism even for heavy door weights up to 200 kg, providing extra convenience and safety. the door can be stopped gently in its movement and pulled to its end position.