• glass door leaf 10 – 12 mm
  • wooden door leaf at least 30 mm
  • weight of door leaf max. 100 kg
  • material stainless steel
  • surface finish optionally

brushed stainless steel
black matt
high-gloss chrome
brass matt
bronze matt

fitting b.700. is effective in every integrated design concept. however, it lends itself to small installations and door leaves up to 100 kg in weight. characteristic are the vertically mounted flat, stainless steel supporting rail and the slim runners. particularly suitable for floor to ceiling openings, all-glass installations, showers, sliding shutters, glass cabinets, wardrobes, multimedia cupboards, etc. the stainless steel runners fitted with ball bearings have a polyamide running surface that ensures easy, quiet running. a 50/6 mm supporting rail is used for doors. 30/6 mm gives cabinets, for example, a more elegant appearance. door leaves out of glass, wood or other materials, onto which the runners are mounted. the screw fastenings, either through the panel or on one side, remain invisible. the supporting rail is affixed to the wall or glass in the case of all-glass installations. the counter runners on the underside of the rail act as retainers to prevent the panel lifting out. infinitely adjustable flat stopping catches serve as door stoppers.