• glass door leaf 10 – 12 mm
  • wooden door leaf at least 30 mm
  • weight of door leaf max. 120 kg
  • material stainless steel
  • surface finish optionally

brushed stainless steel
black matt
high-gloss chrome
brass matt
bronze matt

fitting b.600. with its round supporting rod and typical rounded running gear already rates as a classic solution among visible, stainless steel fittings. it is suitable for all door widths and can be installed with single, double or multi - leaf doors as well as with one, two or more tracks. for indoors and outdoors. for dry and wet areas. particularly suitable for glass door leaves and in connection with glass partitions. also capable of bearing every form of material from glass and metal through to granite. practical and aesthetic alternative: thanks to guidance of the door leaf from one side, fitting b.610 allows doors to extend the full room height. rooms gain unexpected spaciousness. runners and counter- runners are fixed directly in the glass.