• floor track poly let-in flush
  • glass door leaf 10 – 12 mm
  • wooden door leaf or other material at least 30 mm
  • weight of door leaf max. 800 kg
  • material stainless steel
  • surface finish optionally
  • damping mechanism optionally
brushed stainless steel
black matt
high-gloss chrome
brass matt
bronze matt

fitting b.400. the exceptional roller fitting for sliding partition elements from floor to ceiling. they may separate rooms or cupboards, shelves, archives, etc.: in property or office areas; for the transparent separation of reception and representative areas; for high-quality shop fittings or the presentation of goods; for use in private homes.

the door leaves or sliding walls run along guide tracks let into the floor. quiet, smooth and easy sliding thanks to precision bearings. the slim, aesthetic, stainless steel rollers transfer all weight to the floor. walls and ceiling are relieved of the loads. this allows of the fitting where structural conditions do not permit suspended sliding doors. for instance, in the case of false ceilings or drywall construction. load capacity: each stainless steel roller carries up to 400 kg. consequently, this fitting is particularly recommended for large-sized, heavy doors. instead of glass, materials such as wood, stone (marble, granite, etc.) or concrete give rooms a different ambience. the slim rollers are available in various diameters. they can be used for door leaves from 10 mm thick. optionally, the ceiling track is available with damping mechanism.