zunfthaus narrizella ratoldi:

building stock from the late middle ages, the astec s.200 lends a sense of freshness and elegance to the interior

the astec s.200 makes its mark at the guild house in radolfzell. this dividing wall program by astec unites aesthetic precision with all requirements for hygiene, care, and safety in the sanitary and changing facilities. it combines the materials glass (for door leaf and dividing wall) and stainless steel (for the innovative fittings). the protruding edges of the dividing wall, along with colorful films and patterns or photo motifs open up diverse design possibilities.

during fastnacht, the swabian-alemannic carnival, the streets of southern germany are often populated by a colorful crowd. the carnival club "narrizella ratoldi radolfzell am bodensee," for example, with its proud history of more than 160 years of folly sends 13 jesters out into the streets each year during the so-called fifth season.

these carnival spirits cultivate their ancient customs with great attention to detail. the jesters were equally attentive when it came to restoring their new guild house, a building marked by a 500-year history. here, present and past collide: old walls are brought up to date without compromising their history – the perfect task for the swabian company astec.

narrizella ratoldi chose a light pastel green for the dividing walls which harmonizes with the dark wooden floors and the white sanitary fixtures. doors and walls made from laminated safety glass (lsg) are consistently frameless and plane and don’t require boreholes thanks to the use of innovative clip fittings. the top and bottom pivot points can be set as desired with the aid of novel pivot bearings.
despite all the jesting and merriness during carnival, the sanitary areas are where the party ends and hygiene becomes the top priority. the system 200 does not disappoint as it combines all important features regarding the "throne." it is a sanitary, easy-to-clean, and scratch and chemical resistant solution. in addition, the design incorporates an essential safety feature: when lsg breaks, the shards remain attached to the laminate and the cubicle remains usable.


narrizella ratoldi 1841 e.v.


riede architekten, singen


astec gmbh, tieringen




kuhnle + knoedler