vfb stuttgart junior talent center:

interior glazing with astec fittings b.510 and b.1000

after a 3-year construction period, the vfb stuttgart junior talent center opened its doors in november of 2014. a compact, architecturally ambitious and distinctive building houses all amenities required for a modern junior talent center with optimized functionality. the vfb has met the high expectations of the deutsche fussballliga gmbh with style. while transparency sets the tone on the ground floor, the building's upper level is surrounded by red slats symbolizing the chest stripe on the vfb jerseys as well as the dynamics of sports. in the interior, glass walls and doors with astec fittings integrate perfectly, i.e. discreetly, seamlessly, and gracefully, into the building's architecture.

the ground floor is used to lay the strategic foundations for the junior team's success. transparency plays a crucial role at this level, both outwardly and inwardly. the four planners have omitted any pillars in order to preserve the rooms' flexibility for future requirements. the entrance to the conference and trainings rooms is designed with large glass elements measuring 1.95 by 3.25 m. this is where the astec b.1000 dividing wall system comes into play. the b.1000 fitting system features recessed floor tracks fitted with stainless steel wheels as well as subtle guide elements in the ceiling area and nearly invisible fittings. the glass elements can be moved without effort and partially or fully opened as needed.

the upper level houses the fitness and strength training rooms with a direct view to the mercedes benz arena. this visual is intended to motivate the players by providing a constant reminder of their goal. the entrance to these rooms is designed with frameless full-glass systems made with the astec b.510 swinging door fitting. the fitting's simplicity and balanced proportions create a stunning visual appearance. the small hinge plates of matt, brushed stainless steel are inconspicuous, and yet clearly defined. the pivot point can be offset as far toward the center of the door leaf as desired. slide bearings at floor and ceiling facilitate the smooth operation of the door.


vfb stuttgart 1893 e.v.


asp architekten gmbh, stuttgart


friedrich hanselmann gmbh & co. kg, neuweiler




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