private home:

sliding solutions using astec fittings b.600 and b.700

elegantly concealed bathroom storage – a clean and stylish mirror solution using the astec sliding door fitting b.700. flat stainless-steel supporting rails mounted at the top and bottom guide the stainless-steel runners on ball bearings and prevent them from lifting out. the flat rails as well as all other astec components are made of solid brushed stainless steel and integrate flawlessly with the remaining bathroom fittings and accessories. the mirror can be moved at the touch of a finger to provide access to the storage room for cosmetic products, etc., in back.

a space-saving sliding door with astec fitting b.600 separates the kitchen from the hallway. the visible stainless-steel b.600 fitting in combination with glass conveys an air of transparency even while closed.




axel schlueter, albstadt


astec gmbh, tieringen




uli maier