askosi showroom:

barrier-free solutions with astec fittings b.400 and il.10

in late 2016, asal opened its askosi showroom near downtown offenburg. there, a multitude of solutions are presented that facilitate comfortable, barrier-free living at every life stage.

astec fitting il.10 guides a large sliding door in the exhibition area. the door underscores the showroom's cozy ambience and separates two changing exhibit areas.

in addition, askosi provides a training and workshop space equipped with cutting-edge presentation technology. a movable media wall serves to adapt the size of the room to the number of participants. the wall measures 5,000 x 2,800 x 1,700 mm (w x h x d) and weighs approx. 1.3 t but four astec fitting b.400 rollers on a smooth-running stainless-steel floor guide ensure that it can be easily repositioned despite its size and weight.


hermann asal gmbh


stefan kornmeier innenausbau und konstruktion, zell am harmersbach


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hermann asal