energy cube stadtwerke

interior glazing with astec roller fitting b.400

built in 2011, the energy cube, customer service center of stadtwerke konstanz, is proof that the use of renewable energy sources can indeed be attractive. the building is an extensive glass cube with an energetically groundbreaking facade. the multi-paned functional glazing comprises 80 large glass arrays measuring 1000 square meters in total. the flexible and equally aesthetic interior glazing is supported by 140 stainless steel astec b.400 wheel fitting runners. the energy cube provides an innovative space for stadtwerk konstanz to consult with clients about energy, mobility, and leisure. at the same time, the appealing high-tech building serves as a symbol for the contents presented here. the energy cube is one of germany's first commercially used energy-plus houses: a house that produces more energy from renewable energy sources than it requires. the four story building was designed by arnold wild, head of the real estate and construction division of stadtwerke konstanz.

stadtwerke konstanz implemented the innovative functional glazing facade concept in collaboration with lindner group of bavaria and the rosenheim university of applied sciences: a double-pane facade with a well-insulated interior as well as a translucent exterior side with solar shading louvres. energy is produced by photovoltaic arrays on both the roof and the south-facing facade. on the one hand, the facade captures solar energy to create heat, on the other it protects interior rooms from sunlight during the summer months, thereby creating an optimized indoor climate.

the interior glazing comprises 70 glass door. these provide increased insulation, secure the solar shading elements, and enable the extraction of air circulating in the gaps – which is being used for energy production in a heat exchanger. this creates challenges for the interior glass door fittings and wheel systems: on the one hand, their form, material, and design must conform to the aesthetics of the whole building, on the other hand, they must be functional so that they can be easily moved aside for repairs and cleaning in the energy cube's interior.


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a. wild, stadtwerke konstanz


fraenkische thermoglas gmbh & co. kg, diespeck-stuebach




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