wellness world of sole uno:

sophisticated symbiosis with astec system s.200 and colorful designer glass

the sole uno thermal baths in the parkresort rheinfelden redefines wellness, spa culture, and indulgence. its versatile bath and sauna facilities provide a break from everyday life.

during a renovation of the shower area, the owner and the architect chose the innovative astec s.200 dividing wall system. system s.200 comprises just a few different elements and its logical construction is very sturdy and hard-wearing. the chloride environment requires stainless steel fittings that are particularly resistant to corrosion. a total of 22 shower cubicles with color-coordinated dividing walls provide yet another example of the individual design possibilities of the astec dividing wall system s.200. the colored film between the toughened glass sheets is permanently protected. the dividing walls and doors with special handles are quick and easy to clean, ensuring sanitary conditions.

to avoid pinching, special floor retainers were used to ensure a clearance of 140 mm. all cubicle doors open outward.


parkresort rheinfelden holding ag


mueller & partner ag, langenthal


glas troesch ag, st. gallen




thomas dix