heidelberg castle:

the astec dividing wall system s.200 in germany's most famous ruin

heidelberg castle is one of the best-known ruins in germany. for five hundred years, the castle was home to the prince-electors of palatinate but it was never fully rebuilt after its destruction during the nine years' war. today it is owned by the federal state of baden-wuerttemberg and any construction work is performed under the auspices of the state's amt fuer vermoegen und bau (office of property and construction). the office places great emphasis on preserving the historic features of the building while – if at all possible – making the rooms available for meaningful use.

the roof of the "glass chamber" was struck by lightning and destroyed in 1764. to prevent further damage to this historical building, an arched roof was commissioned, and handicapped accessible sanitary facilities were installed for use during events in the imperial hall.

a key design goal was to maintain architectural harmony between the modern sanitary facilities and the old building. any newly added elements therefore needed to feature a minimalist design. the astec s.200 dividing wall system masterfully executed this connection between new and old as astec fittings are reduced to the essential and integrate harmoniously and unimposingly into any environment.


vermoegen und bau baden wuerttemberg


vermoegen und bau baden wuerttemberg


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