margravial opera house:

restoration with astec dividing system s.200

the margravial opera house in bayreuth, germany, is one of europe's great baroque theaters and was inscribed in the unesco world heritage list in 2012. that same year marks the start of the restoration of this historic building. in addition to measures such as insulating ceilings, restoring windows and introducing new materials and design elements (e.g., flooring, seating, and lighting), the visitor cloakrooms and restrooms in the second and third story were scheduled for renovation.

the owners and architects selected dividing wall system s.200 for this project. the unobtrusive style and neutrality of the materials (matt, brushed stainless steel and high-quality lsg safety glass) accentuate the overall appearance of this astec system which fits harmoniously and uncompromisingly into all environments. what sets the s.200 apart are its fittings with special clamping technology. the only holes required in the glass are those for the door latch and the latch catch. there are no limits to the design options of the glass panels – practically all RAL colors as well as translucent foils are possible.

in the bayreuth opera house, lsg with white foil was selected. in the ladies' restroom, a series of four cubicles was installed, while the men's restroom was equipped with a series of three cubicles as well as urinal privacy screens. as all the doors in the ladies' facilities open outward, the space of the cubicles does not become cramped when opening and closing the door.




vermoegen und bau baden-wuerttemberg


P+ architekten und ingenieure, dortmund


projekt 4b, stuttgart




norman radon