interstuhl showroom:

astec il.10 sliding door fitting in the cultural hotspot "brotfabrik wien"

the former ankerbrotfabrik in vienna's 10th district was built in the early 20th century and used as a bakery up until the turn of the millennium. in 2010, the ankerbrotfabrik became the new cultural hotspot "brotfabrik wien," offering rooms for a wide variety of uses, such as galleries, studios, showrooms, offices, lofts, and culinary facilities.

live years later, the family-owned company interstuhl opened a showroom in one of the lofts, where it now presents its extensive range of performance seating furniture. all interstuhl products are designed and produced in the swabian jura in germany and are renowned the world over for their quality and innovation. it is therefore not surprising that the company selected the astec inline il.10 sliding door fitting to separate its showroom from a meeting room. astec fittings, developed and manufactured in the same geographical region of germany, feature a minimalist design and set ambitious standards for function, aesthetics, material authenticity, quality, and durability.

the interstuhl showroom features a two-winged system with 3.5-m tall glass elements and door leaves measuring 1 m in width each. the system is equipped with the optional damping mechanism. 


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