hotel la casa:

dividing wall system astec s.200 with puristically designed solid stainless steel

elegant furnishings and decorations, a refined interplay of light and color combined with excellent service: this is the formula for comfort at the five-star ambiente hotel la casa in tuebingen. the design as well as the work and implementation planning for the building were created by founder and manager claudia leuze, dipl.-ing. to complement the interior design in the turkish bath and sanitary facilities, the freelance architect chose astec glass and stainless steel dividing walls.

the guest and personnel sanitary areas at the hotel la casa feature the astec b.200 dividing wall system. the puristic glass and stainless steel elements blend well with the hand-painted mediterranean tile, yellow tadelakt walls, and elegant wooden elements in the sink area. the door-leaves stretch the entire length of each cubicle, creating a clearly defined, two-dimensional overall composition. an additional benefit: the innovative design of the dividing wall system integrates special clip fittings so that the only bores required in the glass surfaces are those for the locks. the astec dividing walls are a superior choice with regard to both the aesthetic and the hygienic perspective. the glass surfaces are easy to care for and do not require any special treatment.

in addition to 39 individually decorated rooms, la casa guests experience perfect relaxation during traditional massages in its turkish bath and a second wellness area with pool and sauna. in the changing room area, claudia leuze was looking for a solution with convincing hygienic attributes that would complement the room's elegant appearance. she found just that with the astec s.200 dividing wall system.

the dividing wall system combines frameless laminated safety glass panels with puristic and massive stainless steel fittings: the material and the design of the system fit in perfectly with the room design. the white glass surfaces absorb and reflect the wall colors to create an elegant overall impression. another effect: the window glass in the turkish bath is designed in color and thereby creates a visual connection through the colorful reflections on the dividing walls. in the evenings, this world of color is bathed in light emanating from cleverly placed lighting fixtures.


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claudia leuze, tuebingen


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