lana grossa wool & yarn:

floor-to-ceiling full-glass system with astec fittings b.1000 and b.510

"always something special." this is the motto of lana grossa, the successful specialist for knitting yarns throughout central europe. this same motto was applied in the redesign of the company's office building. the floor-to-ceiling glass dividing wall with astec fitting b.1000 comprises fixed glazing and a sliding door and blends harmoniously with the building's architecture. the sliding door can be fully or partially opened without effort. as the features of the b.1000 are hidden in the floor, the guide rail supporting the moving glass element is barely visible. a safety track in the ceiling supports the glass element and prevents the glass from lifting out.

the class and meeting room is accessed through a floor-to-ceiling full-glass system incorporating the astec swinging door fitting b.510. simplicity and balanced proportions govern this fitting's appearance. the floor and ceiling retainers are fitted with slide bearings that ensure easy operation, also in conjunction with standard floor and transom closers.

both installations convey a high level of transparency and openness and do full justice to the lana grossa motto.


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