restaurant hirschgulden:

added flexibility with glass door fittings

the sophisticated interior design and the generous use of glass creates a bright and friendly atmosphere at "zum hirschgulden" restaurant in the balingen community hall. glass is used both for the building facade and for the building interior. a double-leaf glass sliding door (1.85 m x 2.7 m per leaf) separates the restaurant from an event area and integrates seamlessly and harmoniously into the room design. one reason for this is the door's particularly minimalistic glass door fitting: astec b.1000. this fitting is designed to be noticed at second glance. the glazing is supported by nearly invisible rollers inside a guideway measuring a mere 6 mm. at nearly 150 kilo each, the two door leaves appear to be nearly weightless as they glide across the floor. the two-track floor installation kit for the fitting was used so that both doors can be stored side-by-side in a plasterboard wall. thanks to a handle with driver function, both doors can be moved simultaneously. glass door fitting b.1000 is suitable for glazing without frame or other fittings.


grosse kreisstadt balingen


4a architekten gmbh, stuttgart


gernot enslin tueren + moebel gmbh, rosenfeld




stadthalle balingen, astec