canteen bayernkolleg:

transparent design for relaxing breaks

a comprehensive restoration of bayernkolleg schweinfurt features convincing, modern furnishings and special design highlights that foster a sense of well-being and enhance the quality of time spent. a counter in the school's dining hall was, for example, equipped with two dividing walls on nearly invisible wheel fittings – an award-winning design by the southern german company astec.

bayernkolleg now welcomes its young adult students with a completely restored building where they earn their general certificate for entrance to a university in addition to their vocational training. as part of the 6-million-euro renovation project of this 1970s-style building, the operating technology was replaced, the building facade insulated and the fire protection optimized. in the building's interior, floors, ceilings and walls were replaced on a large scale.

the frameless and soundlessly gliding glass elements create a high level of bright transparency in the space: impressions that provide a relaxing atmosphere and optical clarity for the adult students during their breaks. the glass walls can be moved to meet different needs and their soundless gliding feature fulfills yet another goal of the interior restoration: a successful acoustic optimization.

the elegant, white glass panels that appear to float next to an oversized, artistic photograph of a fanned-out bunch of spaghetti give the beverage serving area in the bayernkolleg kitchen an almost futuristic look. the uniqueness is in the detail: the astec b.1000 wheel fitting system with its surprisingly unique construction features recessed floor tracks, subtle guide elements in the ceiling area, and nearly invisible fittings. features that don't go unnoticed: astec received the 2011 design award of the federal republic of germany in silver for its design of the b.1000 wheel fitting. one year earlier, the innovation had been presented with the renowned red dot design award.


staatliches bauamt schweinfurt


stanek hoering architekten, wuerzburg


schreinerei erhard ug + co. kg, geldersheim




katrin heyer