glas troesch showroom interieur:

restroom cubicles with astec dividing wall system s.200

glas troesch ag is a distributor for astec gmbh, specializing in customized glass solutions. the company has seven regional showrooms that serve to inspire innovative design ideas.
the sanitary facilities in the redesigned 1000 square meter showroom in oensingen were equipped with a front cubicle for men and a double cubicle for women. the frameless dividing walls made from 11.52-mm thick laminated safety glass featuring digital prints were combined to perfection with the matt, brushed stainless steel dividing wall system s.200 by astec with its special clamp technology. boreholes are only required for the door latch and the latch catch. glass and stainless steel are harmoniously joined together as durable, hygienic, and low-maintenance materials in terms of function and design.

instead of the usual wall tiles, uniquely designed glass backs featuring digital prints create an interesting convergence of color and functionality.


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glas troesch ag