probat office building:

swinging door fitting, sliding door fitting, and fasteners – all from one source


in 2013, probat bau ag built new headquarters for their eriagstrasse project enterprise. the architecture of the building's administrative wing is extraordinary and serves as the company's business card. during the construction, the builders put their trust in astec's quality products numerous times. among other things, astec's sliding door fittings, swinging door fittings, and fastening brackets were put to use.

as soon as they enter the building, probat's visitors are greeted by astec's fittings. the side panels as well as the over-head glazing and skylight of the glass cube foyer are connected using astec's stainless steel brackets. the two swinging doors that lead into the building owe their crisp appearance to astec products, as well: swinging door fitting b.510 was used for these doors. its hinge plates are made of matt, brushed stainless steel. this fitting with its puristic design is available as version b.500 with rounded edges and as version b.510 with angular edges and therefore always offers the perfect choice for swinging doors.

the minimalistic interior design carries over into the building's second floor. here, the lounge area comprises two conference rooms with glass walls, stretching a total of 12 m. floor-to-ceiling sliding doors measuring 1.65 m in width are used to close off both rooms. two additional sliding doors are installed between the rooms, each 1.65 m in width, enabling the connection and separation of the room as needed. all three doors are equipped with the astec sliding door fitting b.1000. this fitting is an ideal match for modern room design as it is suitable for frameless glazing and is nearly invisible. plus, it is able to support glass panes weighing up to 300 kg/m.


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