chapel congregation missionaries christ:

sacral glass art – staged on the astec b.1000

the congregation's chapel is located on the ground floor and features one wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling window that allows only a moderate amount of daylight to enter the room through an atrium. it was completely redesigned during a comprehensive reconstruction aimed at providing light and definition and creating an appropriately calm, sacred atmosphere.

in addition to bright flooring and a harmonious lighting concept, the main focus was on redesigning the window facade using additional stained glass panes across the entire surface. the architect chose astec fitting b.1000 to meet the requirements of functionality and variability. the fitting features a nearly invisible guide for a total of eight glass elements which float almost weightlessly on two parallel 10.5-m-tracks, ensuring that the appearance of the glass elements remains undisturbed. the glazing is artistically designed in bright and warm colors (studio robert m. weber, munich) and transforms the room into a colorful, shimmering sacred space. in addition, the glass elements can be variably positioned on the tracks, thus enabling an impressive spatial installation around the interplay of daylight and diffused stained glass light and creating unique and differentiated spatial experiences.


generalat der missionarinnen christi


srw plan. architekten gmbh, munich


martin reichl schreinerei, gangkofen




vroni freudling