werner sobek aktivhaus b10:

astec provides b.1000 for the project in the weissenhof estate

werner sobek's aktivhaus b10 opened its doors in stuttgart's weissenhof estate in june of 2014. it is the first fully functional active house in the world. thanks to its sophisticated energy concept, this research project – named b10 after its location at bruckmannweg 10 – generates twice as much energy as it requires itself. the aktivhaus modules are designed to be freely combined with one another. this idea of modularity and ease of adaptability extends to the building's interior: easy to install and uninstall mobile diving walls and glass sliding doors allow for the large, open space to be divided for various uses.

the floor-to-ceiling glass elements mounted on nearly invisible and soundless tracks can be used to partition the building into four separate spaces such as garage, living room, kitchen, and bedroom with en-suite bathroom. this provides for a flexible use of the space, e.g., use for office and living space. each wall element comprises 2 sliding doors measuring 900 x 2500 mm each. when open, these doors are stored in pockets in the center wall segments.


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werner sobek, stuttgart


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