„made in germany". astec gmbh, based in tieringen in baden-wuerttemberg, is specialized in the development and manufacturing of innovative stainless steel fittings and dividing wall systems. as design and functional additions for all modern architectural styles, astec`s products deliver highest performance worldwide. astec’s innovative power has been recognized throug numerous prestigious arwards. astec products are durable. they are made to function perfectly for a long time. “made in germany” guarantees that – manufactured in the swabian jura region of germany, where the people have always stood for perseverance and technical precision down to the last detail. we also see quality as an efficient performance chain, to which satisfaction of our customers and partners belongs primarily. but also the professionalism of staff in advisory and planning capacities, in service and installation. our production plant works according to DIN ISO 9001 using state-of-the-art cnc machines. but also meticulous workmanship when it comes to perfectly finished surfaces.

design and architecture. astec stands for an unmistakable approach to design. firstly, due to our high demands on function, aesthetics, material authenticity, quality and durability. and secondly, due to our perception of architectural, functional and people-orientated correlations. both ultimately lead to sophisticated forms, to practical design, and to really useful products. consequently, astec fittings and systems are never trendy, but timeless. a visual effect that is not conspicuous. architecture. our products enhance the use of architecture – whether interior or exterior. “having our ear to the customer”, they are the result of systematic development work that emanates from architectural experience. our innovative sliding door and swinging door fittings as well as dividing wall systems are characterised by concentration on the essentials – elegant, functional and aesthetic. the focus is on authentic materials: stainless steel, high grade refined aluminium and glass. and our unique processing know-how.